Safety Policy Toggle

The Company Strives to Attain & Maintain High Standards of Safety, Health & Environment at all Work Places, Besides Adherence to Statutory Requirements

To Achieve this Objective of the Company is Committed to :-
• Appropriate Health & Safety Training shall be Provided for the Employees & Venders @ Different Levels on Need Basis
• Ensure that Adequate Personal Protective Equipment is Provided @ all Work Places
• Individual Employee’s Health & Safety Performance shall be Viewed Seriously while Considering their Carier Advancement
• Integrate Safety Issues in Managerial Decisions
• Continuing Support of the Responsibility of Everyone
• Conduct Periodic Inspection, Safety Audit & Ensure Remedial Actions
• There will be No Compromise on an Individual’s Well Being in Anything We Do
• Ensure Proper Investigation About the Potential Cause of Accidents.